About Ziwa Community

ZIWA Community

ZIWA is not only an awards show. We also offer free Personal Development and Empowerment Courses. This will be through the ZIWA Community Support Programme that is designed to help draw out the true potential of individual girls and women. We want to give them the confidence and self-belief they need to turn their potential into real success.


We are fortunate to have a broad range of mentors, from all sectors of business, education, arts, fashion, finance and government. All highly experienced and successful individuals who are willing to share their wisdom, mentor, support, guide and encourage the younger generation. Through the mentorship programme girls and young women will have the opportunity to work with ZIWA mentors.

Health & Well being

ZIWA works with women and girls, particularly those from deprived backgrounds, to givethem the tools they need to make real changes in their lives. We empower women through collaborations with partners and courses that teach essential skills in: Health and wellbeing, Financial literacy, Confidence, Business networking, Refugee and Asylum support and Debt advice.

Single Parent Support

Single parents support programme will support Single parent self-help groups. This programme will also include social support to combat isolation and stress. Yearly the ZIWA support programme will endeavour to plan a week’s fun holiday camp for mothers and their children.

Business Networking Programme

Our business networking programme is designed to support new and existing business women. The programme will keep a ZIWA women business directory and through the year will run a series of business networking, exhibition and support events.