The Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards (ZIWA) were founded in 2013 to celebrate and recognise the unsung heroines in the Zimbabwean community.

We seek to applaud women who have made a contribution to our community through entrepreneurship, education, social welfare, charitable and humanitarian works, entertainment and the arts.

This year, before our 5th year in 2018, we want to create a space that would allow for forging effective connections and sharing knowledge and skills between past ZIWA nominees, winners and supporters. It will also be an opportunity for girls and young women to be inspired and receive tangible advice and support as they build towards their futures.




October 28th 2017

ZIWA 2017 Presents: The Power Bridge event ‘Building Our Legacy. Building Powerful Connections.’ Unlock a full day of inspirational talks and performances, workshops and an incredible body of passionate people to meet and connect with.

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The Awarding Process

We are determined to make sure Outstanding Women are recognised and honoured for their contributions to various parts of Industry and Society

Selection Of Nominees

Our dedicated Panel will work with various publications, and industry insiders to select woman that are doing outstanding work in their related fields. A list will be compiled and from that voting can then begin, ladies with the most votes in their respective categories will be eligable to win on awards night

Once nominees have been selected the Ziwa Awards Team will notify women nominated in their respective categories. Women nominated will then have a 24 – 48 Hours to confirm their nomination. Upon confirming they are immediately added to the Poll list in order for the public to cast their vote.

ZIWA Theme


ZIWA seeks to be a philosophy, a lifestyle that resonates with every woman.

Our platform is saturated with empowerment, encouragement, inclusion and inspiration

So it’s only fitting that we launch our theme for this year


ZIWA transcends being just an awards show, this year serves to be a year of introspection

as we find ways to maximise our full potential as women.

Let’s walk together on this journey of self-discovery.

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